Kayla Barker – Incorporating Film into your Business


Kayla Barker – Incorporating Film into your Business

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Incorporating film into your business

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Do you know that feeling of opening a new roll of film, putting it on the camera, advance the lever to the first frame, and hearing the glorious “klak” of the mirror when pressing the shutter of a medium format analog camera? The wait when you send your rolls to the lab for processing? How you feel it’s your birthday when you receive the photos from the lab? Oh, yes, the joy of film is beyond it’s gorgeous colours. On this class, Kayla Barker talks about incorporating film into your business. Shooting weddings analog 101. She talks about all the aspects of shooting film professionally: cameras, film stocks, editing, pricing, approach, value… Don’t leave it for your your holiday pictures, and learn how to shoot film and make money with this inspiring talk from Kayla.