2nd Conference Bundle (includes all the videos)


2nd Conference Bundle (includes all the videos)

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Learn from the pros in the comfort of your own home, office, coffee shop, or ANYWHERE with internet access!

Date: Sep 26 – 27th 2017

Language: English

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Join the community for our second online conference, broadcasting live from Barcelona. Featuring 8 incredible teachers sharing their views on our craft. Take advantage of our format and chat live with the teachers during the classes and the live Q&A.


Citlalli Rico from Mexico | Topic: Unposing: posing your couples based on connection (Live Shoot)

Phil Chester from United States | Topic: Getting Intimate (Live Shoot)

Kara Mercer from United States | Topic: Editorial & commercial: content curation (Online Talk)

Daniel Aguilar from Mexico | Topic: Listening to the voices of light (Live Shoot)

Nicole Ashley from Canada | Topic: It’s all in the details (Online Talk)

Julia & Gil from Germany | Topic: Establishing a connection with your clients (Online Talk)

Ross Tanner from United Kingdom | Topic: Selling through branding (Online Talk)

Daniel Alonso from Spain | Topic: Brand + storytelling + emotion (Online Talk)

Can’t watch it live? No worries! With your ticket you can watch all the recorded classes and photo sessions anytime you want.