Rafał Bojar

My name’s Rafał, and I’m passionate wedding photography. Once upon a time, a famous traveler called love the greatest adventure. In my many years as a flight attendant, I stopped by in countless foreign countries across Europe, the Middle East and North America). I visited many places. Wherever I went, I met incredible people, and the stunning observation was that, despite our evident differences, we all share one specific trait. Everyone – regardless of their origin – falls in love. One day, as the plane of my life finally touched the ground and I gave up my flight attendant career, my friends invited me to their wedding. They asked me to take pictures of the ceremony. That was the beginning. I understood my destination was still ahead of me. I felt pure and incredibly privileged to be able to capture the rare moment in which two become one. The moment of confession of eternal love.

My style is very emotional, creative and non traditional. Pure feelings, honest emotions. True love stories. I strive to be the photographer that can capture those moments.I’ve chosen to travel around the world for my couples. There is an exceptional story inside every  relationship and the wedding is a moment of its celebration.

About this course

Creating <strong><em>cinematic intimate</em></strong> stories

Rafal has a unique vision for crafting intimate, beautiful stories. In order to set the mood that will allow these stories to unfold, he goes over a process with the couple that leads them to express their emotions and feelings in a deep way in front of the camera. Watch Rafal work with a real couple on an apartment, see how he creates the right atmosphere and learn about his approach on wedding & portrait photography and his philosophy on why what we do matters.

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