Phil Chester

I’m not one to blab about myself, but for us to really connect, it’s really important that we get to know each other.
Pretty much right out of high school, I impulsively joined the Army. I didn’t really know what I was getting into but I knew it was going to be an adventure. I ended up deploying twice but it was during my first tour in Afghanistan when I found my love for photography. I bought a decent camera and started shooting this crazy part of the world where I called home for a year. National Geographic shot a documentary (Inside The Green Berets) on my camp and ended up using my photos to promote their documentary. I was instantly turned on by the thrill of telling stories through images.


About this course

Getting <strong><em>intimate</em></strong>

Phil is one of those photographers whose style you can recognize without seeing the credits on a picture. His images always depict the most intimate connection between his clients. Creating the right space and mood for those moments to happen naturally is an art, and Phil will share his secrets with us on a live shoot, properly titled “Getting intimate”. Join his class and find out how to capture intimate, beautiful & natural moments for your clients.

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