Lukas Korynta

Description: So many of us struggle with chasing an ideal client, ideal location, ideal light, preset, gear etc. Learning how to use what we have instead and getting the most out of any situation not only helped my business, it made me much happier too.

Based out of central Europe, I fell in love with Alps couple of years ago and it has had an amazing impact on my life and work. I love road trips with friends, singing in a car, making meals in a cabin and sharing stories over a campfire. My favourite music usually involves acoustic guitar and somehow I always get dirty when shooting.


About this course

Getting <strong><em>the most out</em></strong> of everything

On this class, czech destination wedding photographer Lukas Korynta talks about how we can get the most out of every opportunity that we face as wedding photographers. Sometimes we get to shoot in beautiful locations with beautiful people in beautiful light, other times we get to shoot in totally uninspiring environments with normal people in flat light or bad atmospheres. It is easy to feel uninspired. Lukas explains why he believes we can still create amazing work, no matter our location, no matter the people you work with, or no matter our experiences or portfolio.

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