Greg Finck

Greg has an artful and editorial approach to wedding photography. He specializes in shooting medium format film, as this provides an unrivaled quality and look to the images he produces. Greg has been shooting film ever since he was a kid and processed his negatives in the family darkroom. He loves the authenticity, luminosity, grain, softness and outstanding colors produced by film. Inspired by fashion and fine art photography, Greg captures elegant, luminous and timeless images. The weddings he shoots take him to some of the most beautiful places across the globe, with a true love for the South of France, Italy and California.


About this course

Mixing <strong><em>art & business</em></strong> to survive in a saturated industry

Greg Finck’s work is elegant and timeless. His images have a romantic feel that just a few artists can achieve. But he is also a successful business owner. In this class Greg talks about the money side of our craft and how to be successful in a saturated market while making beautiful art. He will talk about pricing, finding your target audience, marketing yourself, creating a valuable brand, how to get more work by establishing quality relationships with other vendors, and how to make more money with your work. A class every business owner should watch.

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