Daniel Alonso

I’m Daniel Alonso. I live in a small city in the north of Spain. My big passion in life is cinema and familiy. Not in that particular order.
In 2006 I founded People Producciones as an audiovisual company dedicated to advertising and events. In 2010 Gloria Cavia (who years later would be my wife) joined me and in 2012 we focused exclusively on weddings. In 2016 we were named one of the 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography by Rangefinder Magazine.


About this course

Brand + <strong><em>Storytelling</em></strong> + Emotion

One of Spain’s brightest photographers, Daniel has a unique eye for creating playful and joyful images, capturing emotions and finding beauty in unexpected locations. He is one of last year’s Rangefinders Rising Stars and one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. His class focuses on the emotional side of our business and how to make a powerful brand out of feelings.

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