Daniel Aguilar

Hi! My name is Daniel Aguilar, I’m a 1981 vintage model made in the city of Puebla, Mexico. I moved to Texas when I was an 18 year old teenager to pursue what I thought was my dream back then of becoming a Computer Scientist. Little I knew that I was destined to hate Computer Science and to live some of the four toughest years of my life trying to finish a degree I didn’t really like; however, it was during this rough university years that photography came into my life. I will always remember the day I developed my first film picture in a dark room, I was surrounded by the smell of weird chemicals and all I could see was red light. After a few attempts and a few seconds soaked into the developer,  my picture came to life and instantaneously fell in love with photography. I knew I wanted to become a photographer.


About this course

Listening to <strong><em>the voices of light</em></strong>

Daniel is a mexican photographer with a unique eye for finding and mastering light. He’s the Caravaggio of the wedding photography and has influenced generations of photographers in the use of chiaroscuro. In his class he will do a live shoot and demonstrate how he finds and works with light to create his images and his personal stamp. Join him and learn how to work with different types of light and how to use them in your advantage to create stunning images for your clients.

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