Citlalli Rico

Hola! I’m Citlalli Rico, a destination wedding photographer who loves salsa dancing, chilaquiles and everything related to visual arts. My biggest support and inspiration is my family. My greatest passion is to make better pictures every day. My sister Tamara shoots with me most of the weddings, we are really fortunate to be part of a great team. We share passion for our work, for making up our own song lyrics, for making fun of each other and for laughing all the time. Every wedding is unique having a very special place in our hearts. We love couples in love, we love couples who believe in what we see and how we see it, we love couples who give us the opportunity to document one of the most special days in their lives.


About this course

Unposing: <strong><em>posing your couples</em></strong> based on connection

Citlalli’s work is timeless: elegant, vibrant, both playful and romantic. She has an incredible eye for composition and for capturing action and emotions. She’s one of Mexico’s most iconic photographers as well as a Fearless Awards regular, and some of her images are keystones of modern wedding photography, influencing legions of photographers. She is also a wonderful educator and teaches regularly in conferences and seminars. In her class she will talk about how connection with your clients is the base for creating stunning “unposed” poses.

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