Chris & Ruth

Hi friends! Our mission is to spread the Love! We are a young husband and wife photographer couple and we firmly believe in marriage! We’re pleased to live our dream and travel the world together while making friends all around the globe.  We love weddings and we love to travel and most of all we love destination weddings and adventurous elopements. To meet different people from different countries and cultures and celebrate together is awesome. We love life and the moments when we get the feeling of freedom and the possibility to enjoy it.


About this course

Prepare <strong><em>yourself and the couple</em></strong> for their big day abroad

Chris & Ruth are a cool german couple shooting destination weddings & elopements all over the world. In this class they talk about how to get those amazing clients, the techniques they use to market themselves, how to prepare and organize your trips, how they scout for incredible locations from abroad… lots of useful and interesting information for the travelling photographer. If you’re dream is traveling to shoot great couples, this is the class for you.

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