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Best nine of the 45th week

Cristina García

Naturalness is a scarce value. In wedding photography is much more, it is a differentiating value.

Can we get a posed photo with like that or a photo sessions that flows from the begenning? The answer is OF COURSE. It is the photographer’s job to connect with the couple, make them forget the camera and to be themselves for a while.

The technique is useless if we do not achieve that special connection that leads to naturalness. Great photographers can teach you a lot about this topic in Wanderers, do not forget to check our courses.

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Photographer: laurenscotti

Photographer: isairamirezphotography

Photographer: paigeholmgrenphotography

Photographer: erika_brooke

Photographer: ericamillerphotography

Photographer: emmahillfilmphotography


Photographer: brunorezza

Photographer: aimleephotography