Best nine of the 44th week

Cristina García

Wedding photography in color or black and white? What do you prefer? Both formats have strengths that you need to know.

White and black is synonymous of light. There is a purity and elegance in black and white photography difficult to overcome by color photography. In addition, the expressiveness achieved in the portraits and the details contribute a lot to our work.

The color offers infinite possibilities, which offers a range or another. The tonalities can talk about the time of year, the type of wedding or bring romanticism to the scenes.

As every week, at Wanderers Community we bring you a selection of great photographs, in color and black and white of course.

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Photographer: willkhouryphotography

Photographer: andyandszerdi


Photographer: tianishayephoto

Photographer: cheyannadenicolaphoto

Photographer: patriciaschumann_photography

Photographer: triciavictoriaphoto

Photographer: agnes.black_

Photographer: mariohausmann_weddings