Best nine of the 43rd week

Cristina García

What makes a moment genuine? What differentiates it from any other ordinary moment? All wedding photographers have asked us this once. Many believe that it’s something instinctive, a good photographer “perceives” the genuine moment and captures it forever.

Are there other factors that influence? We believe it: a good site can tell a story about a couple, photographing a detail can give us a lot of valuable information about their personality or a smile captured at the right moment.

All important, but impossible to explain what factors make a moment different. We have something clear, the photographs that we have selected are great unique moments.

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Photographer: pepebelenguer_fopep

Photographer: leitonandco

Photographer: evergreen_film

Photographer: eurotribephotographer

Photographer: ericamillerphotography

Photographer: aimleephotography.

Photographer: lisabettalillyred

Photographer: moniqueserraphotography⠀


Photographer: reaganaleea