Best nine of the 39th week

Cristina García

Our connection with wild nature is instantaneous. The same happens with love. There are persons who come into our lives and connect immediately: without explanations, without motives, without instructions for use.

That’s why we love wedding photography sessions that connect couples with energized landscapes. Also these ones that uses wooden buildings next to the couple. Nothing more natural, more real than naked love.

Today we bring you a selection of beauty photographs, without sweeteners or additives. 100% real love

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Photographer: willkhouryphotography

Photographer: kathiundchris

Photographer: barefootandbearded

Photographer: thelightandthelove

Photographer: ariele_photography

Photographer: zatrzymaj.czas

Photographer: henrysdiary⠀

Photographer: carleyjaynephotography⠀

Photographer: eduhdezfoto