Best nine of the 33rd week

Cristina García

Maybe love can be summed up in an instant. The same thing happens in photography. That is why wedding photographers unique moments, trying to pause in the exact moment the happiness or love that a couple feel.

There are photographs that excellently represent this synchronization between photographer and lovers, either by location, selection of the intimate moment or by its edition.

As every week we bring you a selection of images, if you want to appear in next weeks you must tag your photos in Instagram with the hashtag #thewandererscommunity

Photographer: _angelamariephotography

Photographer: artecinematica

Photographer: blakehogge

Photographer: candidaandmaxjan

Photographer: forloveandlight

Photographer: kylie_morgan_

Photographer: littleboatphotography

Photographer: monnettephoto




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